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Cosmetic Teeth Cleaning

Grooming & Apawthecary has teamed up with Kissable K9 Care to offer cosmetic teeth cleaning for your dog or cat. 


Text 647-712-3507 or call 905-857-8228 to book!







April 24th

May 22nd 

June 19th

Location - 15 Mill Street, Bolton

Additional Information

At Kissable K9 Care they clean the teeth above the gum-line while your  fur baby remains awake throughout the entire procedure. 

Here is a simple breakdown of how this service is conducted:

Kissable K9 welcomes you into the store where you must fill out a liability waiver and ask any questions about the service.

Kissable K9 creates a relaxing and comfortable environment for your fur baby. To do this they lightly spray the room with lavender oils. Then the technician swaddles him or her in a blanket in their lap and use massage while they are awake. The comfort of your dog is always top priority.

Kissable K9 provides cosmetic teeth cleaning by using hand instruments above the gum line to scale the teeth.

You will be provided with before and after pictures of your fur baby’s teeth to see the results. Before you leave they show you what you can purchase to use at home to maintain results.

It is very rare, but if for some reason the animal becomes frightened and stressed during the procedure and the technician is unable to calm them the following steps will take place: the procedure is stopped, you will be called and you do not have to pay. We always act in the best interest of your pup or cat.

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